Home Improvement

Have this ever happened to you? Do you have thoughts of improving your home but you don’t really know where to start or what to look out for? In order to improve your own home, you must know what exactly you want to achieve. If you want to improve your home because you want to improve some aspects of your life, read on to find out more.

When you finally reach home after that long day at work, does your home help you to relax? If your answer is no, your home can be improved for your own benefit. So how do I go about doing this? With the help of Feng Shui, of course!

Let me start with a quick introduction what is Feng Shui all about. A rough picture of Feng Shui is that everything is connected together in a way. The main aim is balance and it is always about the flow of energy that is always moving. The location of your home as well as the direction of your house points in play a very big part in Feng Shui.

You should improve your home if your home does not help you to feel relax. You should also consider improving your home if you feel that your home is too stuffy and hot. If you want to improve your love life so that you could score more dates, Feng Shui will just help you with that. Here are some ways you could do to improve your life with using Feng Shui.

By adding wind chimes to your home, it could actually stop the energy from stagnating and your life could be improved fairly easily just like that! It is always advisable to use metal wind chimes as they are hollow and will create noise. Anything that has or with a sharp corner is considered as bad, you can put plants there to soften the corner. Always sit facing away from the walls and you should never sit with your back facing the window, best if you could sit facing towards the door.

If improving your love life is one of your main aims, I suggest you should use fresh flowers. When placing the flower do remember that the flowers should be facing the west. Hanging crystal in the room can also improve the energy of your home. Take note that the whole home should be kept clean especially the entrance to your home.

A great way to improve the energy levels in your home is to use mirrors; however you can’t add them anywhere you like. You have to be very careful that you know exactly what is being reflected. Keep certain rooms for certain activities, however make sure that every room is used, otherwise stagnant energy can build up. By using Feng Shui techniques you will be amazed at how easy it is to improve your home.

Now that you know how to improve your home and life, it times to put the techniques into action now!

Does Your Community Have Good Mental Health

The community mental heath team are there to help those who are suffering from mental health problems. The first port of call for anyone who thinks that they are suffering from some kind of mental health problem is your doctor who will be able to recommend the right sort of help.

The community mental health team consists of a number of professionals who are trained in their specific areas and can include psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and of course the community psychiatric nurse or CPN. Some specific problems or issues that can arise in addition to existing mental health problems or which can exacerbate or trigger mental health problems and which might need extra consideration include:

o Financial problems

o Physical disabilities

o Housing issues

o Divorce or relationship problems

o Childcare issues

Certain kinds of mental health problems may result in different needs and may therefore require some specialist help to deal with and these can include:

o Elderly depression and dementia

o Child or Teen depression

o Postnatal depression

o Bipolar disorder

o Schizophrenia

Obviously, finding one person fully qualified and skilled in all of these areas just isn’t possible so the community mental health team work together in order to ensure that the best advice and support is available as many of the professionals involved will be trained in specialist areas that allow them to offer a better service to people suffering from specific problems. So who is likely to be involved in the community mental health team?


Patients can be referred to a psychiatrist by their doctor. After an initial assessment, the psychiatrist will recommend a suitable course of treatment and medication. If a mental health problem is particularly severe then they are also able to recommend that the individual be detained in hospital for a period of time. However, this is a last resort and also requires the approval of another doctor and a social worker who all agree that this is the best option for an individual concerned either for the individual’s safety or for the safety of others.


Psychologists have an understanding of human behaviour, emotions and how the mind works and although they cannot prescribe medication they can offer various types of psychological therapies. Patients can be referred to them by the doctor or other members of the community health team.

The Key Worker

People suffering from mental health problems will usually be assigned a key worker, which can be anyone in the community mental health team. The key worker ensures that the individual gets the right kind of help that they need. They will regularly assess the progress of an individual and report back to the rest of the team.

Community Psychiatric Nurse or CPN

The key worker will often be a CPN who will usually make regular visits to people with mental health problems in their own homes. They offer an important lifeline for people who are feeling isolated and alone with their mental health problems or who are experiencing particular difficulties. They are aware of the many issues surrounding mental health and can listen as well as help people talk through their problems in a setting in which they feel comfortable.

The CPN will liaise with and work closely with other members of the team to make sure that any practical support and assistance is offered when needed. They monitor medication, make sure the individual knows how to take their medication and they also look out for additional symptoms or side effects of that medication. The family and loved ones of a person suffering from mental health problems often need additional support in order to understand mental illness and to be able to cope with it, the CPN can offer practical advice and guidance.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists help individuals to cope with practical issues on a day to day basis in areas such as dressing, toileting and feeding themselves and can help individuals regain some control of their lives.

Social workers

Social workers can ensure that an individual gets access to various social services that will improve their quality of life and that they may be entitled to such as home help, respite care and perhaps admission to day or residential centres. They can also offer assistance in dealing with housing needs, financial difficulties or other social problems.

The best care

Many other people can be involved in the community mental health team including various support workers, therapists, counsellors, and of course loved ones. Together they all make sure that the individual suffering from mental illness gets the best care possible. Each team member can make a valuable contribution to the individual’s quality of life and can help them not only to cope with their illness on a day to day basis but to regain control over their lives and integrate with the rest of the community in a positive and productive way.

5 Awesome Gift Ideas For Valentine Day

Valentine day is a day dedicated to the lovers. On this day lovers express their love for each other by giving gifts. If you are confused about what to gift your beloved on this valentine, then do not worry. Here are some suggestions on what gifts you can buy for your beloved this year to bring a smile on their face and let them know how important they are in your life.

  • Chocolates – These are a universal gift item and are loved by people of all ages. For this special occasion you can buy heart shaped chocolates and can get them wrapped in interesting styles. You can also buy an assortment of different flavored chocolates and gift them in a basket. These look very beautiful. The basket will remain with your beloved forever. In fact it can be used for other purposes. You can also put a card with your personal message in the chocolate basket.
  • Candy – Apart from chocolates this is the other universally loved gift item. You can gift your beloved with a collection of candies. These are available in a variety of flavors. You can buy one to suit all the moods of your beloved. These are affordable and are easily available everywhere. You can gift them in various decorative candy boxes. This will make your gift look pretty and also innovative. You can also make a bouquet of these candies and gift it to your beloved.
  • Flowers – Flowers can make anybody’s day and that is the reason why they are such appropriate gift items. Express your love with flowers on this valentine day. Red roses signify love and that is why they are the best choice for this occasion. You can be a little different by giving flowers in yellow and white color as yellow signifies friendship and white purity. What you can do is make a bouquet of all these flowers to show that your love signifies both purity and friendship. Get these flowers delivered to your beloved’s house. Your beloved will be delighted to receive them and it will make for a nice surprise.
  • Jewelery – On this special occasion, gift your beloved with an exquisite piece of jewelery and see her face light up. Your gift will remain with her forever and will constantly remind her of your love. As most women have a number of ear rings and neck pieces, this year gift her with something different like an anklet or brooch that she can wear on her dress.
  • Personalized gifts – This year gift your beloved something very personal. You can record your love story in a CD and gift it to your beloved. You can also write it down in a scrapbook and paste pictures to make it more interesting. These gifts will remain with your beloved and will also let them know how much you value your relationship. You can also gift t shirts or photo frames with personal messages imprinted on them.

Whatever gift you buy, it must show that you care and value the relationship you share.

Funny Games Help to Reduce Stress

If you are in stress, all you need is a reliever from stress. Did you know that playing games can be an effective method to relief you from stress? To get relieved from stress, all is required is to set your mind free and allow it some time to get relaxed. So, any activity, which is recreational, is a nice way to sweep away stress.

People have adapted the concept of playing online funny games as a pleasing recreational activity. For this reason, there are several websites which upload mini games so that their user visits their sites more often. The user also gets benefited by playing online games. He or she gets the advantage of relieving the mind from a stress state. And the benefit of the owner of the website is that he gets to earn money when the users play games on the site. Hence, it is a mutual beneficial business.

Playing these games on computer is a popular method to release the stress from the mind. When you purchase a personal computer or laptop, the manufacturer has already inserted a few of the funny games in them so that the users can get the taste of games besides using the computer and/or laptop for other works. How would a person get to know how sugar tastes if he did not get the chance of tasting it ever! These games are not wastage of time. They are regarded as mind relievers.

It does not imply that the These games are not designed to relief the minds from stress and played only by people who are stressed most of the times. These games are designed in such a way that it creates a competitive environment which gives the players a challenging platform. It is mostly useful for the children as these games can develop their sense of challenging competitions, which is going to help the kids in the future to face several difficulties of life besides sharpening their little brains.

The games teach the kids to make decisions in the games during critical situation. The player of funny games would get to learn how to keep oneself from panicking and being nervous during a terrified situation. It teaches the child to keep a cool head even in the most difficult circumstances and take a step by making up the mind. The kid is free of tension as he is enjoying playing a game, by learning so many things subconsciously in a fun way by playing funny games.

The funny games have no age limitations and every person, of any age, will surely be benefited somehow by playing the games. Various funny games are available over the internet. You can play the games being online, or download them for later use.

Games, mostly funny games are for everyone, not limited to children or adolescents only. Old and retired people find funny games a pleasing way to pass their leisure time and the games keep their minds and brains active.